museum of obsolete technology

MOOT Workshop

The MOOT Workshop is where we disassemble, examine, and repair (if possible) exhibits in the MOOT.
Where possible, we document the process on our YouTube channel (links in the stories).

In this video, Steve outlines our aims and aspirations for the MOOT Workshop.

Here's a transcript, since it serves well as our mission statement:

"Hello, I'm Steve Dockery, and welcome to the Museum of Obsolete Technology's MOOT Workshop. This is the place where we're going to take technology that we have in the museum and disassemble it to see how it works, see what's inside it, and if possible (if it's broken), bring it back to life. Because we want our exhibits to function (as well as we can) as close to the way they were originally. It won't be just computers. It won't be just Apple computers - although Apple computers are my particular area of expertise (which is why there's going to be a lot of them up front, I suppose), but it will be anything mechanical or electronic that we can dig into: cameras, reel-to-reel tape recorders, anything that we find that needs a little tender loving care. Or some examination because it's particularly interesting. So, I hope you come back and see us again at the MOOT Workshop."


In these stories, we show how to open up, or even completely disassemble a device, both for the sheer interest of it, as well as to offer a helping hand to people who would like to work on their own stuff.

Opening Up a Classic Macintosh

iMac G3 Take-Apart

Opening Up an iMac G4


iMac G3 Hard Drive Replacement

Steve replaces a dead hard drive, and also tries to diagnose some intermittent weirdness.

Dead iMac G4

Steve troubleshoots an iMac G4 that fails to start up.