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VIC-20 (1981)

Commodore-64 (c.1983)


Macintosh 128K (1984)

Macintosh 512Ke (1987)

Macintosh 512Ke (1987)

Purchased new.

This machine was Steve's first computer, and still retains the original packaging. The "e" in "512Ke" means "enhanced," as it says on the box. That means, unlike the original 512K, this one has the same ROMs as the Mac Plus, giving it the ability to read 800K floppies, and the ability to access SCSI (hypothetically, since it lacks a physical SCSI port).

With four times the memory of the original Mac, and a floppy drive with double the capacity, this Mac could be used to get real work done. Using an additional external floppy drive made things even better.

Over time, a MacSnap upgrade was added, which (true to its name) snapped on top of 68000 CPU chip, providing slots for additional memory, a slightly faster processor, and an actual SCSI port that snaked outside the case. Since the upgrade only snapped onto the CPU, it was prone to bad connections, leading to frequent freeze-ups (rectified by whacking the side of the case, what's known as "percussive maintenance").

At one point, an internal SCSI drive was affixed within the case (with velcro) and a cooling fan and an additional full-size SCSI port were added in the back, which meant cutting holes in the case. Indicator LEDs for the drive were installed in the front panel next to the Apple logo.

All these years later, the upgrades have long-since been removed, and the picture tube cannibalized for another Mac, so the 512Ke is in pretty sorry shape today. We will attempt to re-hab it in an upcoming MOOT Workshop segment.