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Ericofon (Mid 1960s)


Morse Code Walkie Talkies (1970s)

Windsor More Code Walkie Talkies (1970s)

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One of every teenager's favorite toys in decades past was a pair of walkie talkies. This pair of Windsor units, made in Hong Kong, date from some time in the mid-to-late seventies. They were designed to not only transmit and receivce voice, but also to allow morse code messages to be exchanged (there is even a chart on the faecplate of the various letter codes). They featured telescoping antennas, and ran on a single standard 9V battery.

These units have seen some heavy use, with many scuffs, and the spun aluminum discs missing from the centers of both volume dials. Both originally had a black vinyl wrist strap, but one strap is now missing.

The walkie talkies very nearly work - one of them plays static from its speaker, which goes quiet when the other is keyed (but no sound is received), so one of them can transmit a carrier, at least. The same one that plays static emits a beep when the large orange code button is pressed. It's possible with some tinkering that they could be restored to full function.