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iPod (2001)

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Boy's Radio (Early 60s)


Model R-1052 Transistor Radio (Early 70s)

Coronet Boy's Radio (Early 1960s)

Purchased on eBay, 2018.

The "Boy's Radio" was a simple, inexpensive AM radio made in Japan, and sold in the early 1960s, specially targeted at young boys (apparently, they didn't expect girls to care about having a radio). This particular Cornonet radio is virtually identical, apart from color and brand markings, to many different cheap transistor radios sold in its time.

About 1960, one of these radios would have sold for about $5.99 (about $52 in today's money) - less than a proper grown-up's radio of the time.

Our example has a removable telecoping antenna, which is rather strange for an AM radio. We installed a 9V battery to test it, but sadly, it appears to be completely non-functional.

Interestingly, a Boys Radio similar to this one (but not this exact model) was the source for the speaker grille material used for the Communicator and Tricorder props on the original 1960s Star Trek series. Bits of that grille (which are fairly unique to that radio) are being sold online for the fanatically detail-oriented prop builder.