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iPod (2001)

iPod Shuffle (2005)


Boy's Radio (Early 60s)


Model R-1052 Transistor Radio (Early 70s)

Model R-1052 Transistor Radio (Early 70s)

Purchased on eBay, 2020.

This lovely little radio was manufactured in Taiwan by Panasonic in the early 1970s. They were available in several colors, but in keeping with a theme, apparently, the museum's example is in a striking red.

This is an AM radio, running off the usual 9V battery, with a thumbwheel on the left side for power and volume, and a thumbwheel on the right to operate the large tuning dial on the front. There's a built-in speaker, and a jack for an earphone.

Online details on this model radio appear to be scant, but we will continue to research.

Our example works very well, with a clear sound (assuming a strong signal). Apart from some marring around the slot where a coin would be inserted to pry the case apart (to change the battery) it is in quite good cosmetic condition.